B4B Canada – They joined the battle


8 serious and inspirational turntablists joined our 2015 Canadian Online Scratch Battle. All of them are talented people involved in their local scene, pushing turntablism further through their skills and dedication.


They’ve all been sent a beat to scratch on (check it below), they will have to submit their best scratch freestyle on video by June 20th. The videos will be published the next day so the vote can begin. More details about this part will be known in the next few days.

Meanwhile, here’s a short introduction for each turntablist.


Jon Rist (Montreal, QC)


Representing the Montreal Scratch Scene and the infamous ScratchMobile, Jon Rist joins the battle for the second time now. His past music projects include ‘Morbin’.

He detailed his vision on scratching through a very interesting interview by Studio Scratches.


Darcy D (Montreal, QC)

Initiator of the Montreal Scratch Scene platform and builder of the first ScratchMobile (an irresponsible scratch rig on wheels meant to scratch anywhere in town) Darcy D later co-founded Cut&Paste Records, a new label releasing quality skip proof records and other goodies for scratchers. It’s his second entry in our B4B Canada battle.
« I like to scratch. If I can piss you off while doing it, that’s a bonus. »


Baggylean (Edmonton, AB)

Baggylean makes beats and cuts records. He isn’t famous or anything like that. If you like boom-bap, conscious hip hop check out the album « GRILLIOS » featuring his friend Kaz Mega. It was recorded last year and copped some nice buzz. In real life Baggy is also a dad.

DJ Brace (Montreal, QC)


Is it worth introducing DJ Brace in a scratch battle in Canada? For this purpose, Studio Scratches had the opportunity to made a great interview (once again) with him. Always busy composing new material, cooking some severe team routines with Vekked as The Fresherthans, Brace is around for this second edition of the B4B Canada battle.

Here’s what he recorded last year.



VTRN (Toronto, ON)


Veteran aka VTRN is a former battle dj and multi-disciplinary artist involved in music/videography/production/editing and graphic design. He’s been
DJ’ing since the age of 8 (dual tape decks anyone?) and on turntables since the age of 13. Veteran is Toronto’s first solo live turntable musician and has done countless shows with artists such as InsideAMind and DJ Shub (Canadian DMC Champ + A Tribe Called Red) and as one half of the duo ‘Butter Cutters’. 

As he joins the B4B battle for the first time, he sent us this very clean video freestyle as an introduction.



Wundrkut (Surrey, BC)


Wundrkut represents Skratcher and Hydro Boyz. He’s been cutting since 1998 and also made beats for scratch loopers such as the Ouija Looper, Merry Krampus

He is currently working on remixes with the Hydro Boyz and a scratch album to be released later this year.

It’s Wundrkut first entry in our battle and he’s recorded a morning scratch freestyle as an introduction.


DJ G-Nius (Vancouver, BC)

Some solid cuts from Vancouver with another member of Skratcher, DJ G-Nius. 5X Vancouver DMC Champ, winner of the 2014 Cut 2 Cut battle in Vancouver (3rd tablist in the video below), it’s also his first submission to B4B Canada.

Vekked (Waterloo, ON)

Last but not least, Vekked joined this battle, the first pure scratch battle he’s entered since 2013. Collecting titles in the most prestigious battles around since 2012 (2012 DMC World Supremacy Champ, 2012 + 2013 IDA World Champ, 5x Canadian Champ, 1 half of The Fresherthans with DJ Brace, KOTD Battle DJ) he also started the website tablist.ca, dedicated to turntablism in Canada. What can we expect from Vekked in this battle? Let’s quote his own words :
« Do not battle for the sake of battling, battle when you feel you have something new to bring to the artform »

Here’s the beat they will use for this competition :



Note :


Many turntablists wrote us a mail to enter the battle, but were from other countries (USA, Venezuela, … ). This battle is regional and has always relied on local initiatives; it was actually too short to set something decent on time for other countries. Yet, we’re discussing something bigger, and more open for the next battle. Stay tuned, and let us know if you feel like getting involved.

Meanwhile, there’s another battle happening next weekend on Twitter. Here are more details.

The ART of Skratch #Fulltimekutterz twitter Skratch battle!!!! It’s on!!! Here’s all you need to know! #practiceyocuts & lets show off those skills!!!

Twitter Skratch battle!!