Initiated by DJ Speed (Lyon – France) on the Beat4Battle forum in early 2007, the project Blood Cuts started as a compilation meant to promote scratch and turntablism worldwide, available as a digital free download.

Mastered by DJ FA, the first volume gathered artists such as Audio Insane, DJ Fly, Banal, Buttman, Exper Crew, DJ Speed, Turntablist Eko, DJ Flow, G-skratch, Nolive, Bepass, Ugly Bones, Dekalte, Ken-one, Dj Mike & Ventiloz.

Blood Cuts gained a lot of success and exposure throughout the turntablist community and beyond. Finally, two volumes of the Blood Cuts compilations were released, with new tracks from Needleworkaz, DJ Fresh Mike, DJ Rich, DJ Syr, Faderjoy, Deska, Supaphonik, Ben, Azote, Unkut, Funkonami, DJ Jet Cut, Bepass, DJ Crossover, Babystiff, Ratbeat, D-Beam, DJ Swet, Lig One, MC Dermott, 100son, DJ Nery, DJ Bust, Late, Mistral…

… until the project was put on hold for various reasons.

Time past, servers closed, and most of the download links available disappeared in the cloud. Apart from the links provided by (this website, run by Honna, does a really good job for archiving turntablism related material. A gold mine, actually, check it out!), the Blood Cuts compilations became really hard to find.

Until now, as DJ Speed uploaded the three volumes again.

Links below.